Video: Reporters Without Borders Charges Prince Bin Salman and Accomplices with Crimes Against Humanity

Counter Information

By Paul Coppin and Kristina Borjesson

Global Research, March 14, 2021The Whistleblower Newsroom 13 March 2021

Reporters withoutBorders chargesPrince Mohammed bin Salmanand his accomplices with crimes against humanity for murderingJamal Khashoggiand persecuting/torturing other Saudi journalists.

Reporters Without Borders lawyerPaul Coppintalks about the 500-page complaint he has filed with a German court detailing the savage and inhuman treatment of Saudi journalists ordered by Prince Bin Salman and carried out by his close associates and other members of the Saudi Government. Coppin also explains why these activities are legally classified as crimes against humanity.


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