Collier is not even hiding his true intentions now

TheCritique Archives

by Martin Odoni

The startling news that Mike Sivier’s entire defence has simply been struck out of the nonexistent legal ‘case’ Rachel Riley has lodged against him shows that the Witch Hunt against anti-Zionism is not going away. Did anyone seriously imagine it would? (Incidentally, if you can spare some cash, please go to here to help Mike’s appeal against the decision.)

As if to coincide, David Collier, the racist, Arab-hating ally of the Gnasherjew Twitter troll account, announced the next stage in his half-mad campaign to blank out all criticism of Israeli aggression against the Palestinians. The brazenness of these attempts has reached new heights of bullying arrogance. The openly-secret pretext for Collier’s previous harassments of Palestinian supporters was that he was “honestly, bravely, nobly” fighting against anti-Semitism.

Well guess what? Collier is not even bothering with that pretext anymore, almost certainly because the shameless co-operation of the British…

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