Video: Reporters Without Borders Charges Prince Bin Salman and Accomplices with Crimes Against Humanity

Counter Information

By Paul Coppin and Kristina Borjesson

Global Research, March 14, 2021The Whistleblower Newsroom 13 March 2021

Reporters withoutBorders chargesPrince Mohammed bin Salmanand his accomplices with crimes against humanity for murderingJamal Khashoggiand persecuting/torturing other Saudi journalists.

Reporters Without Borders lawyerPaul Coppintalks about the 500-page complaint he has filed with a German court detailing the savage and inhuman treatment of Saudi journalists ordered by Prince Bin Salman and carried out by his close associates and other members of the Saudi Government. Coppin also explains why these activities are legally classified as crimes against humanity.


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On British Colonialism, Antisemitism, and Palestinian Rights


Counter Information

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The “original sin” was the 1917Balfour Declaration, which promised to support the establishment of a “national home for the Jewish people”, provided that nothing was done to “prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine”. In 1917, Arabs constituted90 percentof the population of Palestine; Jews made up less than…

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It really isn’t easy to be a Jewish opponent of Israel

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Jews 4 JezI’m one of these. But this is not an easy position to adopt.

A ‘Theobald-Jew’

As I mentioned on a previous post, Jonathan Hoffman, the man who is to Zionist tolerance what the shark from Jaws was to convincing visual-effects work, told me the following recently; –

You are a disgrace. A Jew In Name Only. JINOAccording to the Benedictine monk Thomas of Monmouth in his The Life and Miracles of St. William of Norwich (1173), it was an apostate Jew, a certain Theobald, who swore that Jews had killed twelve-year old William, a tanner’s apprentice, to fulfill their “Passover blood ritual” in the fateful year of 1144—the first recorded such episode in a long line of murderous defamations. The world is teeming with Theobald-Jews who are ready to betray their own people to serve what they regard as their advantage.

An expression…

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Collier is not even hiding his true intentions now

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The startling news that Mike Sivier’s entire defence has simply been struck out of the nonexistent legal ‘case’ Rachel Riley has lodged against him shows that the Witch Hunt against anti-Zionism is not going away. Did anyone seriously imagine it would? (Incidentally, if you can spare some cash, please go to here to help Mike’s appeal against the decision.)

As if to coincide, David Collier, the racist, Arab-hating ally of the Gnasherjew Twitter troll account, announced the next stage in his half-mad campaign to blank out all criticism of Israeli aggression against the Palestinians. The brazenness of these attempts has reached new heights of bullying arrogance. The openly-secret pretext for Collier’s previous harassments of Palestinian supporters was that he was “honestly, bravely, nobly” fighting against anti-Semitism.

Well guess what? Collier is not even bothering with that pretext anymore, almost certainly because the shameless co-operation of the British…

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