Inner strength, integrity and principle – thanks Jeremy!

Thank you Jeremy Corbyn and we need you even more right now

rebel notes

Summer 2015. The Labour leadership election had begun. I bumped into one of the candidates at a small demonstration in Trafalgar Square. Clue: it wasn’t Liz Kendall. It was actually the most reluctant of the four candidates, who had been told it was his turn to hold the torch of the Socialist Campaign Group, and that he couldn’t say “No”.  Jeremy Corbyn was suddenly airlifted out of his comfort zone. From backbench rebel, street activist and campaigner on local and global issues, and  dedicated local MP supporting  local projects and initiatives within his constituency, he was now a leadership candidate.

The bookmakers, usually far wiser than journalists or politicians at predicting the course of events, placed him on 200/1 odds. I looked at him and said jokingly “But what are you going to do if you win?” He laughed, but in his reaction I saw a glimmer of hope…

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