Anti-Semitism Smear Campaign Continues Part One

John Mann and his attempts to continue the anti-Semitism smear campaign, this time against left wing independent media

The post will be in two parts. This first part is about John Mann and his announcement that he intends to target left wing independent media due to alleged anti-Semitism. The second part will be about the Jewish Labour Movement (JLM), their history and their continued attempt to smear left wing activists and media as anti-Semitic.

John Mann

John Mann was Labour MP for Bassetlaw from the general election of 2001 until 28th October 2019. He announced he would not stand in the next general election on the 7th September 2019 after Theresa May nominated him for a ‘life peerage’ and entry into the House of Lords in her resignation honours list. He announced that he would become the government’s ‘anti-Semitism tsar’ and although he is no longer affiliated with any political party he remains a member of the Labour party. He was awarded the epithet Baron but in my opinion he has done nothing to earn any respectable title so I will not honour him by calling him by such.

Why the former PM would nominate him is anybody’s guess but after reading what he is planning to do I can only surmise that it was intended for him to be an instrument in the downfall of independent media, in particular left wing independent media. He has named his first target as the Canary. He has declared that the Canary is anti-Semitic which would be laughable if it were not a serious defamation. The Canary is owned by Canary Media Ltd which is owned entirely by its leadership team. One member of this team is Kerry-anne Mendoza, who is Editor-in-Chief of the Canary. Kerry co-founded the Canary along with her wife Nancy, who is also a member of the leadership team of Canary Media and Director of Communications and Membership at the Canary. Nancy is a Sephardi Jew, who originate from Sepharad, Spain or Portugal, which makes Mann’s claims that the Canary is anti-Semitic rather ridiculous as well as defamatory and libellous.

What is even more laughable is the fact that John Mann himself was interviewed by the police in 2016 with regard to his publication of a leaflet which targeted a group of people that the nazis themselves targeted and tried to eliminate … I am referring to the Roma Gypsy or traveller population. Mann had written a booklet called ‘The Bassetlaw anti-social behaviour handbook’, part of this handbook specifically targeted Roma Gypsies/travellers by listing them among various types of ‘social evils’. A family of Gypsies had complained to the police about the handbook and the police investigated it as a ‘hate incident’. According to the police they offered advice to Mann about not naming a specific group of people but to rather talk about ‘unauthorised encampments’. They took no further action.

A young Gypsy activist was so upset about the handbook that he wrote a long and impassioned letter about it, and the bullying he and his family received on a regular basis due to their ethnicity, to Jeremy Corbyn. The family stated that Corbyn responded to them in a very kind manner and passed the matter to the Chief Whip, who is responsible for party discipline. The Whip decided that no action would be taken against Mann and told the family to report the matter to the police, which they did. Now, I have no idea about how anybody else feels about the Whip’s lack of action, but on finding out about it I was incensed. The Whip not only let the family down but in my opinion he/she let the Labour party down. There were two Chief Whips in 2016, Rosie Winterton, MP for Doncaster Central, who was sacked by Corbyn and replaced by Nick Brown MP for Newcastle East, it is not made clear who the Whip was that took no action.

This young activist also sent a copy of the link to the handbook to the Travellers Times magazine who published an article on it. In response to the article Mann wrote an email to the family and to the Travellers Times. The tone of the email was not one of apology or reconciliation and contained facts that were not true or accurate. The activist stated in his letter to Corbyn that he did not feel ‘confident enough to contact John Mann Mp’ directly as he felt that John Mann Mp ‘was attempting to bully me’ by talking about his family to a third party. John Mann was , and remains to this day, completely unrepentant about the distress and upset his handbook caused the young activist, his family and the Roma Gypsy/traveller community as a whole. In my eyes this makes him absolutely no loss to the Labour party who are and always have been anti-racist. It also makes John Mann a huge hypocrite in my opinion. What gives him the right to accuse an independent news site such as the Canary with anti-Semitism when he himself is guilty of racism. Of course this last bit is my opinion and I am not speaking for anybody else, but the rest all comes from articles published by independent media.

Oh and on a last note it may interest Mann to know that the Canary remains completely independent of any advertisers, funders, companies, political organisations, or political parties. In April 2019, The Canary became one of the first UK media outlets to be awarded a green trust mark for news credibility and transparency from monitoring and rating site Newsguard. You can read their in-depth report on the Canary.


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2 thoughts on “Anti-Semitism Smear Campaign Continues Part One

  1. John Mann is another example of a media favourite who was encouraged to shout and bully, and to act openly disloyally towards his elected party leader. He was allowed to remain in the party until he decided to desert in Oct 2019,he should have been removed a long time ago. Another example of weakness in the face of antisemitism accusations.


  2. Great article! I just came across this article/blog for the first time whilst doing a search to try and find Mann’s anti-semitism website (although I’m begining to wonder if he’s actually got one!). The funny thing was (not haha) that more or less the first thing listed in the list of results was the skwawkbox article about John Mann and his anti-social booklet that listed Travellers AND reproduced Benjamin David Bennett’s brilliant heart-felt letter. Well, to be precise, it was in fact the skwawkbox article reproduced on JVLs website (with a link to the original of course). And I must admit that it brought a tear to my eye (well both in fact) reading Benjamin’s letter (again).

    Anyway, on reading Bill’s comment above, I just wanted to say that there was no ‘weakness’ in the face of the anti-semitism allegations. It was a no-win situation. To have denied the accusations or said that they had been greatly exaggerated or that it was all a smear campaign to undermine and sabotage Jeremy’s leadership, would jhave been to invite MORE accusations of A/S and/or of being in denial and, as such, being part of the problem.

    The only possible avenue to refute the claims and allegations is and was through the corporate MSM AND the semi-corporate BBC, ALL of whom conspired in the A/S smear campaign (and the friend of terrorists and anti-Queen smear campaigns etc), so they were hardly ever gonna let Jeremy or anyone else in the shadow cabinet expose THEIR lies and fabrications and demonisation of Jeremy, along with the left-wing membership and Momentum activists.

    When you own and/or control the MSM, you have total control of the narrative and, as such, hold all the cards. And nothing more exemplifies the power of the media and its A/S Smear Campaign (which also included moutainloads of faux outrage and condemnation and vilification of course) was the poll conducted for the authors of Bad News For Labour in which respondents (just over one thousand if I remember correctly) believed, on average, that 34% of LP members had been reported for anti-semitism. As Malcolm X said:

    “The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses.”


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