Rachel Riley, Endemol Shine UK and that T-Shirt

Rachel Riley went on Victoria Derbyshire to complain about being ‘trolled’ online. She managed to turn on the waterworks and make out she was a victim of anti-Semitism bullying. She even went so far as to join an anti-trolling campaign. She managed to fool many people including some celebrities who I will not name here. Rachel Riley is in fact a cyber-bully who sided with an Islamophobic, homophobic, anti-Semitic Scottish church minister, because he does not like Jeremy Corbyn. Her known associates on Twitter include Gnasherjew, Sussex Friends of Israel and other right wing anti-Corbyn, pro-Israel trolls. She, along with the aforementioned social media miscreants, make it their business to bully pro-Corbyn and pro-Palestine supporters.

It is a well known fact, on social media platforms, that she, along with Z list ex soap actress Tracy Ann Obermann bullied and harassed a 16 year old girl and her father, on seeing what Riley and Obermann were doing their followers diligently followed suit and ‘dogpiled’ the poor girl and also made death threats. This resulted in the girl being afraid to leave her home for 6 months. Riley is currently suing Mike Sivier of Vox Political Online for daring to write about her despicable bullying of the 16 year old girl, Riley and Obermann both accuse Jeremy Corbyn and his supporters of anti-Semitism with absolutely no credible evidence.

Rachel Riley also has close links with the Twitter account Stop Funding Fake News, which targeted the Canary amongst other pro-Corbyn media sites. She does not hide the fact that she supports that account and in fact often promotes it. She has made herself judge, jury and executioner of people and web sites that she in her ‘infinite wisdom’ considers to be anti-Israel and pro-Corby, and does not appear to have any problem with her followers then going out of their way to make the lives of those she has judged to be guilty, absolutely miserable.

On the 21st November 2019 it was reported in both mainstream and independent media that Riley had photoshopped a photograph of Jeremy Corbyn’s arrest in the 1980s, when he protested the racist Apartheid system of South Africa. In the photograph he is pictured holding a placard that states ” Defend the right to demonstrate against Apartheid. Join this picket“. Riley photoshopped the placard so that the words now stated that “Jeremy Corbyn is a racist endeavour” Despite numerous emails and complaints to Channel 4 Riley has not been dismissed. The reasons for this are not known and we can only speculate.

I emailed Endemol Shine UK about Rachel Riley a few months ago. This was when they still had an email address displayed on their website, it seems to have been removed as I could not find it anywhere on the site. Their response was basically ‘what she does off screen is not our business’. Shouldn’t the fact that she represents them when she appears on Channel 4’s ‘Countdown’ and ‘8 out of 10 cats does Countdown’ make them worry that she is misrepresenting them. For surely that is what she is doing as their employee, she represents Endemol Shine UK both on screen and off screen. I cannot watch Countdown or 8 out of 10 cats any more because I cannot stand seeing her 5 days a week on my television screen. I have seen what she tweets and it is hateful. She has compared Jeremy Corbyn to the Nazis which is about as big an insult as you can give.

It is high time that Twitter and Facebook took some responsibility and banned her and her right wing anti-Corbyn followers from their platforms. Numerous complaints have been made about her, Gnasherjew, Sussex Friends of Israel, LAAS and CAA; but neither Twitter or Facebook have ever cautioned, suspended or banned them. They delete pro-Palestine pages and posts from pro-Palestine supporters, but never anything from pro-Israel supporters or anti-Corbyn trolls. They delete alternative media site pages and posts but never anything from mainstream media, no matter how false or hateful. This just goes to show their double standards and also displays obvious bias towards certain states and political viewpoints.

Endemol Shine UK’s Owners (History)

Scott Trust Limited (1990–1998)
Endemol (1998–present)
Telefónica (2000–2007)
Mediaset (2007–2011)
21st Century Fox (2015-2019, 50%)
Walt Disney Direct-to-Consumer & International (2019, 50%)
Apollo Global Management (2012–2019, 50%)

Endemol Shine Contact Details

Endemol Shine UK
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London W14 0EE

0870 333 1700

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2 thoughts on “Rachel Riley, Endemol Shine UK and that T-Shirt

  1. For accuracy: I would say that while RR and TAO’s behaviour to the teenage girl was poor, it was also exposure to their Twitter followers that caused serious problems for the teenage girl. These people subjected her to ‘dogpiling’ – a particularly nasty form of online bullying that, we’re told, culminated in death threats. The girl in question was afraid to leave home alone for six months after the incident. I have no information to suggest that the incident made her suicidal, though.

    Only RR is currently suing me.

    I think it’s great that you’ve published contact details for Ms R’s employers.


    1. Thanks for the amendments Mike. I shall amend the post so it is more accurate. ‘Dogpiling’ is horrible and it is something I have experienced at the hands of Gnasherjew and their followers


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