(The colonisation of Palestine by Israel and the constant screams of ‘anti-Semitism’)

The problem in Palestine is not the majority of Jewish people that live there, I am sure that on the whole they are good, peaceful people. The problem is the state and Zionist government of Israel, the violent illegal settlers and extremists like Benzi Gopstein of the right wing group Lehava. The way Israel acts with no fear of recrimination or impunity is a poor reflection of the lack of action or recrimination on the part of the international community and the UN.

It is very hard to understand why mainstream media is not reporting on the atrocities happening to Palestinians on a daily basis. Why is a nine year old boy being shot in the head with an exploding bullet by an IOF sniper not reported by mainstream media? Why is the fact that hundreds of Palestinians, including children, are being held in prison on ‘administrative detention’ not being questioned by the mainstream media and international community? Why was the fact that a 4 year old was arrested and interrogated by the IOF not a major news item on evening news channels worldwide? Why was the fact that Israeli forces raided a Palestinian home, shot an unarmed Palestinian woman in the head, and then abducted her son, not mentioned in mainstream media? Why does mainstream media continue to report Israel as the victim in all this? When Israel embarks on a campaign of firing missiles on Gaza and the people in Gaza dare to retaliate, why is Israel always portrayed as the victim? This is despite the fact that it is Palestinians that are killed and injured in large numbers whist few Israelis are injured and even fewer killed. There are a lot of whys with no answers from anybody in mainstream media.

To me the biggest WHY throughout all this is why is anti-Semitism treated as being worse than other forms of bigotry eg Islamophobia, homophobia, misogyny, racism, ageism etc. I asked one of Gnasherjews followers on Twitter that question months ago and he could not answer me. Can anybody reading this article answer this question for me? Can anybody answer any of the WHYs in this article? I did meet one person who could answer one of my whys and perhaps his answer covered all of my whys. I recently met the Labour candidtae for my constituency and asked him why anti-Semitism is treated as being worse than all other forms of bigotry. His answer was very simple, the Israeli Lobby. They have a large amount of power and vast wealth, especially in the UK and USA. They contribute huge sums to political parties and campaigners. The Adelsons and Donald Trump being the perfect example of this. They orchestrate smear campaigns against those who do not support them as has happened with Jeremy Corbyn and other Labour party MPs and members. They, of course, have aid with these campaigns within the country where the campaign is taking place. Sometimes the aid comes from within the political party targeted as shown in the Aljazeera documentary The Lobby.

There is something fundamentally wrong when one group of people can colonise the land of another group of people; then evict the current occupants from their homes, demolish their homes and charge them for the demolition of their homes. The colonists then begin to murder and imprison the indigenous population and declare that they have the right to do so as they are ‘God’s chosen people’. The rest of the world sits and watches as the colonists do this and just shrug their shoulders and say”Meh”.

Illegal settlers deliberately raze and set fire to valuable olive tree orchards thus depriving Palestinians of their source of income. They deliberately aim their cars at and run Palestinians over, this includes children. They throw stones at passing cars driven by Palestinians, sometimes killing occupants of these cars. They may get arrested for these offences but they are seldom punished. The teen that was arrested for the death of Aisha al-Rabi, who died after being hit in the head by a stone thrown at the car she was a passenger in, was released on house arrest and never prosecuted.

If you dare to question or criticise Israel you are immediately accused of ‘anti-Semitism’ this due to the ‘weaponising’ of the term anti-Semitism and the wording of the IHRA’s ‘Working Definition of Anti-Semitism‘. You are classed as the worst of all possible racists and you then have to fight to clear your name as in the cases of MP Chris Williamson and Jackie Walker. Jackie Walker was expelled from the Labour party after withdrawing from disciplinary hearings against her because she was refused the right to make a statement beforehand; Chris Williamson was suspended for alleged anti-Semitism when he said that Labour had “given too much ground” in the face of criticism over the way the Labour Party had handled claims of anti-Semitism within the party;and the journalist Asa Winstanley who was suspended from the Labour party for calling the Jewish Labour Movement (JLM) a “proxy for the Israeli embassy”. The way all three of these people, and others, have been treated by Labour’s NEC is quite disgraceful.

To end this piece I ask this final question and this time it is a what. What is the hold that Israel has over some of the most powerful nations and people of the world? What is it that make the international community and the UN reluctant to point the finger and censure Israel? Is it really all about the money or is there something else involved?

If you have answers to any of the WHYs above then please leave a comment.

(No offence is intended to any party in the writing of this article. I am not responsible for what I think when trying to get to sleep)

While you are here could you please sign the petition that is posted below. Thank you

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2 thoughts on “Why?

  1. I can’t really give any answers to your “Why” questions because I have the same questions. To answer your “What” question though is slightly easier for me. In my opinion it is the Holocaust and the Power of it that is the “Hold”.

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    1. I agree. The thing is, although it is the only atrocity labelled as the Holocaust, there have been many other atrocities throughout history that are equally deserving of being called a holocaust. In fact there are atrocities occurring as I type that deserve that to be called holocausts. Holocausts are genocides, acts of war and terror intended to wipe out whole populations/tribes/race/religions.


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